15 Famous People Amanda Bynes Called Ugly

on Feb, 16 2017 in Celebrities 13131 views
Remember how good things used to be for Amanda Bynes? She had just starred in the hit movie Big Fat Liar, she had a new show on the WB network called What I Like About You, and The Amanda Show, which was a spin-off of All That. She also starred in She’s the Man and Hairspray. Yeah she had it all going on. Guys thought she was hot, girls thought she was cool, and she was ready to be a huge success for a long time.

Then she lost her ever-loving mind. People started saying she was acting paranoid and fearful and she started doing some very erratic things. For example, she had 7 driving accidents in one year, and started acting really oddly on social media, locked herself in a bathroom in a store, started a fire in a stranger’s driveway, and accused her father of both molesting her, and putting a microchip in her brain. Eventually she admitted she was bipolar and manic depressive, and was even hospitalized for a time. Now she is attending school and living quietly.

But as happy as we are (and we really are happy) that Amanda is doing better, some things that she said on social media were just so amazing, that they need to be revisited.

Here are 15 People that Amanda Bynes called ugly on Twitter.